I am almost 65 years old and have been playing hockey year round for several years. Downhill skiing is also a passion of mine. Severe back pain stopped me from doing both sports. Living on a ranch, the pain prevented me from doing simple chores and gardening as well. Several doctors indicated that I was not a candidate for back surgery (herniated discs at L3 to L5). Most prescribed opiates and other harsh meds. I tried traditional therapies (10 sessions) but was unable to do most of the exercises due to recurring back pain. Seeking alternative treatment became my goal.

In my first meeting with Blaine, I identified 8 locations in my back, hip, thigh, knee, calf, ankle and foot that were all enduring chronic or acute pain. Over 10 sessions, Blaine addressed these points of pain thru largely somatic non-exercises to the point where I am able to return to my active lifestyle without pain. These non-exercises are simple and best conducted slowly. Blaine provided coherent and scientific explanations of the theories behind his treatments and was very helpful in showing me how to complete them at home.

Overall, I was skeptical as how effective the non-exercises would be but my recovery has been nothing short of epic. Lasers were not used often in my treatment; rather, Blaine relied largely on his skill set as an RMT and osteopath with a healthy knowledge of biomechanics. I have recommended Blaine to my engineering clients, relatives and other skiing friends. He is truly gifted in his skill set and communicates at a high level.

David C.