I want to let you know about my extraordinary experience with Laser Health.

My back had been sore on my left side for more than a year. I am very aware of my physical health, so I went looking for a practitioner that could help me. I tried massage, energy healing, and anything else I could find that might help like inflammation reducing creams. Nothing seemed to work. As the months rolled on the soreness became more acute such that I was in pain all day every day. This became very frustrating because I have a yoga practice six times a week and I walk several miles a week.

Listening to the radio, I heard Dave Rutherford advertising for Laser Health. Frankly, I was very skeptical. I heard the ad several times over a few months. Finally I called for an appointment because I just had no where to turn and I thought, “what could I lose” I had already run out of options.

Blaine gave me the most thorough evaluation I had ever had. He took the time to examine my injury and describe it to me as he saw it. In my first appointment I felt hope for the possibility for healing in a long time.

The second thing I learned about Blaine is that he is the only practitioner I have gone to that doesn't keep doing the same thing over and over again. If what we are doing doesn't seem to be working. He constantly looks for the pinch points and is an expert at finding the right modality to create healing.

I had a few appointments and during that time the pain got worse. Blaine gave me encouragement to keep going. So I did.

I am happy to report after ten treatments my pain was ZERO! For the first time in a long time I have no pain in my lower back.  I think it is a miracle. Now after a few more weeks of doing my exercises I have almost forgotten what it was like to have pain in my back. This is simply amazing to me!

My yoga practice has improved and I feel so much better when I go for a walk.

Here's some background for you. My dad was an Osteopath, one of two in Canada back in the forties and fifties. I learned from him the value of looking at the body as a whole system and to honor it as best I can through my life. I am a cancer survivor and because of what I learned from my father I live an active full life.

Blaine exemplifies for me a medical practitioner that honors his patients' physical, mental and spiritual well being. That is unique in my experience.

There is no hesitation from me to recommend Laser Health Solutions. As far as I am concerned you are my go to people for whatever I need to heal my aches and pains.


Howard P.