I have suffered off and on with extreme foot pain since 2012. Sometimes it was so bad I couldn’t walk and so we invested in a wheel chair. Sometimes I had to walk with a cane and sometimes in order to reach the bathroom I crawled from the couch, where I spent a lot of time. I didn’t want to be on anti-inflammatories anymore and after listening to Dave Rutherford many times on the radio I decided to contact Laser Health Solutions. That was a great decision. I worked with 2 of their therapists and can’t say enough about how hard they worked on my feet and how positive their attitude was that this treatment would work. After 9 sessions which ended in early November, I haven’t looked back. It still seems a miracle to me that I can stand in the morning, walk during the day and hit the bed at night with no pain. How does one thank people who have given me back my old life – I guess by telling other people. If you suffer from pain and you really want relief, contact these wonderful people from Laser Health Solution, you won’t regret that decision.

Pat C.
Carstairs, AB