Dave A. has been coming to us for back pain.He was so thrilled with his treatment that he gave us a rather unique testimonial in the form of a list.

Why Laser Health Solutions is a Professional Business Top to Bottom.

  1. Initial phone contact was excellent and courteous.Explained fee, expectation, parking, etc.
  2. Initial call and all calls were actually answered, and quickly.No ‘please leave a message.'
  3. Only a week to wait for assessment appointment.
  4. Appointment times are always as close to on time as humanly possible.Little to no waiting.
  5. When entering you are always treated to a cheerful greeting by reception and all other therapists going by.
  6. Reception, even if on the phone, non-verbally acknowledges and greets you on entry.
  7. Reception multitasks phone, incoming and outgoing payees, processing all quickly and efficiently
  8. rather than showing annoyance on being interrupted by 3 things at once.
  9. One day I was having a chronic fatigue syndrome bad day.I tried to make it but I called in about 9:30 to cancel my 11:00.Instead of a hassle or cancellation fee, I got a cheerful ‘Hope you feel better soon and hope to see you on Thursday.'
  10. You have created a family-like atmosphere not just with cheery staff - the facility certainly doesn't feel like a stark bare medical facility, but not like a house either.Finishings are all appropriate including the bright one-way windows.
  11. Obvious enthusiasm of all therapists.
  12. Professional explanation by all therapists at the original assessment and at every session.
  13. No B.S. by anyone.Totally honest.
  14. The skill of all therapists is amazing.I call you human MRI's.
  15. I like all the large human muscle charts on the wall.It helps me understand the complexity and appreciate the skill.As a patient it is comforting to know that with a glance the therapists can get an instant refresher on the area they are working on.
  16. Therapists listen well and often immediately adjust treatment as you provide them feedback.
  17. Professional, concise recording to allow seamless transition from one therapist to the next.
  18. Two free treatments after 10 paid treatments.Big bonus also helps ensure some patients don't quit until they are really finished.
  19. Birthday card and discount $25.What a great surprise!
  20. Christmas cards – nice touch with real signatures.

Dave A.

Thanks for those kind words Dave!