Why do you have pain?

Why does your shoulder keep you awake at night? Why won’t the pain in your heel go away? Why does your back ache?

Why is the most important question, because you won’t get rid of the pain until you correct the cause of it.

At LaserHealth™ Solutions, you’ll receive a comprehensive assessment to ensure that your treatment is meant to eliminate the cause of your pain. Treatments are designed for your specific injury or condition and are a unique combination of manual therapy techniques and laser therapy. Treatments work in a curative manner by both correcting structural imbalances and restoring normal cell function.

The most common conditions treated at LaserHealth™ Solutions include rotator cuff tendonitis, frozen shoulder, tennis & golfer’s elbow, plantar fasciitis, sciatica, sprains & strains, low back pain, osteoarthritis, bursitis, and tendonitis.

Healing time varies from person to person. On average, 6 treatments are required. Most conditions can be resolved completely; therefore, it’s not necessary to return for further treatments. Conditions that are not curable, such as arthritis and degenerative disc disease, usually require a maintenance treatment every 4 to 12 weeks. Treatment costs are $120 and may be claimed for reimbursement if you have an insurance plan that allows you to see a registered massage therapist or a manual osteopath.

What makes up a LaserHealth TreatmentManual therapy helps to resolve the structural causes of pain, such as pelvic asymmetry, vertebral rotations, tight or stretched muscles, trigger point zones, and entrapped nerves. The type of manual therapy used will depend on the nature of your condition.

Low Intensity Laser therapy uses monochromatic light emission from low intensity laser diodes. Photon energy is gently absorbed by soft tissue. There is no cutting or burning with laser therapy. This is a painless, relaxing therapy. The end result is the restoration of normal cell function and the enhancement of the body’s healing processes.