My name is Jenn and I came to see Blaine in late October when the pain in my right elbow was so severe that I would cringe before I would shake someone's hand because I knew that it would be painful. My job as a right-handed high school PE instructor was also being challenged as I was unable to demonstrate even the most simple of badminton skills. My hobby is weight lifting and I am a competitive bodybuilder. My tennis elbow brought a halt to my upper body workouts as I could not grasp a dumbbell or barbell. I had tried ice and anti-inflammatories, chiropractic care and massage but none of these were giving me the pain relief I needed.

I was skeptical but intrigued by the idea of Laser Therapy. I was ready to try anything. I told myself in my head that I would give it at least 6 treatments. If there was no noticeable change then I would try something else. It took only 3 treatments before there was a noticeable change (less inflammation in the joint and no throbbing). By 6 treatments I actually felt as though some healing was happening (light grip activities became bearable). Now, after 10 treatments, my elbow is back to 90%. I don't cringe when someone goes to shake my hand and I am back to working out.

I would strongly recommend Laser Therapy for joint injuries. For those who are active and are told that an injury will take 3 - 6 months to heal is like a death sentence. Blaine and LaserHealth® Solutions cut down my healing time drastically. Yes, it still takes time and PATIENCE is critical. But it works!!