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“21 years ago I had a C-Section.Recently I was moving furniture around in my house and I heard a pop sound in my abdomen.The next day it was tight, sore and swollen raised about ½”-3/4” above my normally flat stomach.I heard about laser treatment and wanted to give it a try, as all attempts I had made earlier with other medical interventions were unsuccessful.The pain prevented me from doing my weight work-outs.

After the very first treatment most of the swelling went down right away.I was amazed.I only had four treatments over seven days. At that point it was about 80-90% improved with just a bit of tenderness and my stomach was flat again.This was much better than what I had a week earlier.

Six months later I have no problem at all.I am working out with my personal trainer doing a lot of core muscle work and I have not had a hint of a problem since.

I am now in for a muscle strain in my neck which seems to come and go over the years.I hope to be rid of this problem once and for all with Laser Therapy.”