In January 22 I injured my left shoulder lifting heavy equipment at work. After being diagnosed with a subluxation and needing surgery to correct it, I had to wait over a year to have it done. By then a lot of soft tissue damage had been done to the surrounding areas.

From March 23 until January 25 my shoulder, though able to return to work on an accommodated basis, changed my life completely. I couldn't sleep through the night, drive my car, ride a bike, swim or even carry my cat. I couldn't even cast my own fishing rod. My life was livable, not enjoyable.

After starting laser treatments in January 25, I noticed a difference after only a few treatments. I went from VIOXX daily to periodically, slept better, and had more use of my arm. Sometimes a few hours would pass before I thought about it. I was away on holidays for the summer and the improvement was stable and didn't regress.

In September (seeing the light at the end of the tunnel) I started back with 3 sessions a week and booked 2 months ahead. I am going to use the last 3 sessions to treat an arthitic big toe.

Thanks Dr. Rob and Jacqueline, I look forward to casting my own rod when the season opens.

Terry M.