I was involved in a motorcycle accident when an automobile turned left in front of my husband and me cutting off our lane in front of us. I ended up on my chest on the ground with an open fracture of the left heel and ankle as well as soft tissue damage to my neck, shoulder (I could not lift my arm past shoulder height), lower back and hips, as well as dislocation of my left thumb and torn ligaments in two fingers. Also, I developed a three inch diameter open wound on the back of my heel that, despite all efforts, would not heal and close up. I spent two months in a wheel chair. I then dedicated the next three months to chiropractic, physiotherapy and acupuncture appointments. All the while I was still in much pain and the swelling in my foot only somewhat diminished, thus I was getting very little quality restorative sleep. I started Laser therapy and in only three weeks, the wound on my heel has closed and all but healed (one tiny sliver of a scab left), all the swelling is gone as well as most of the scar tissue. I no longer have pain in my neck, shoulder and lower back and hips allowing me to get that restorative sleep so badly needed. I have full function in both fingers that had torn ligaments. Lastly, my shoulder is no longer frozen allowing me to reach for the sky!!Oh yes … Yesterday I went on a two hour ride on my motorcycle for the first time since the accident almost 6 months ago!! Thank you Blaine, Janet, Leila, and Jillian at LaserHealth® Solutions for helping me get my life back on track.