I have been battling low back problems since early 20's with my first of many back injuries at work. For many years I tried just doing as our physiotherapists at work were having me do to strengthen my back. Then I found chiropractic which was doing more than the entire physio that I had attended over the years.

Then on Saturday, June 3, all I did was stand up. When I did so I felt a cramp and heard a pop in my low back. The pain was excruciating. It took everything I had to get myself up into an almost straight standing position. I did my night shift praying for the pain to ease. When I tried to get up on Sunday after a short nap I knew I had done major damage. It took me close to half an hour and many tears to get myself out of bed.

It took me until Tuesday before I could get in to see Dr. Rob for a chiropractic adjustment. The adjustment didn't ease the spasms. When I came back on Wednesday, it was suggested that Laser Therapy would work. By the end of the third treatment I was not only able to walk upright, but the pain and the spasms had drastically slowed to a point that I was able to do more than lie around my house for hours on end and hope the pain would go away.

I have now completed five treatments and feel better than ever. I no longer have pain in my low back. I am able to do my own housework, and I will be returning to work just two weeks after my injury instead of the usual three months of having to be off due to this same type of injury.

I would definitely recommend the Laser Therapy to anyone who wishes to live life with little to no pain. I was pleasantly surprised at how well and how fast it worked for me.

Gloria D. BC