“3 years ago while training for a marathon I developed compartment syndrome in the anterior lateral muscle group of my right lower leg.No amount of tweeking my orthotics or rest seemed to help.Every time I began training again, once the mileage increased the swelling and pain would begin again and grow worse until I would have to quit.This year while training for the Sun Run and volunteering with a walking group in the Sun Run program, I met Drs. Rob and YY and learned about the cold laser treatment they offered.I was determined to run the 10K and once the pain and swelling started with about 4 weeks left in the training, I started twice weekly treatments. By the 3rd treatment my leg was functioning much better and with a total of 6 treatments, I finished the run pain free and was able to run every step of the way - thanks to the laser treatments, I was able to achieve my goal.

Thank you Dr Rob and Dr YY for all your help!

Hopefully I'll see you all again next January.”

Cindy H.0