I have been taking Glucosomine/Chondrotin (9mg) since 199 for arthritis in my big toe. It is almost impossible for me to find a boot that I can wear and bare the pain. It was diagnosed in 28 that I have arthritis in my right thumb. To put any amount of stress on the thumb caused severe pain - so things like opening jars and lids or applying pressure to push in thumb tacks or pushing the throttle on my ATV became painful. Laser Therapy was suggested and recommended by Dr. YY for both my thumb and big toe. My family doctor in 199 had said nothing could be done for the toe. So I took Dr. YY's suggestion and started treatment, I was amazed. I could feel a significant improvement in my thumb after two treatments in January 21, after 4 more treatments I had no pain and great flexibility in my thumb. The big toe doesn't ache anymore and I can walk in shoes that caused severe pain before the treatments. Now I can wear dress shoes, runners, as well as boots. Laser treatment has greatly added quality to my life.

Jim D.