I started coming to LaserHealth® Solutions as a last attempt at pain relief. My back muscles were in a constant contracted state, prohibiting me from standing, sitting, walking for more than 15-20 minute intervals, with many hours downtime flat on the floor between up times. I have been suffering with excruciating pain in the mid-back between shoulder blades and electric jolts down left and right arms (cervical radiculopathy) after a serious neck injury in July 2 following a 20-foot fall while hiking.

During neck surgery for spinal cord compression, some nerves for my right upper arms and mid back were cut and I lost most feeling in my back. Quality of life was non-existent and in January 28, I felt like jumping off a bridge to end this excruciating pain (morphine only took the edge off). Neurologists and neurosurgeons said that there was not much they could do, as the muscles spasms that were present 100% of the time were probably as a result of stiff-person syndrome' (Hunchback of Notre Dame) and its cause / prevention/reversal is unknown. For most of the past 7½ years, I have been expecting only 1-3 hours of sleep/day, as the pain would keep waking me up.

The back pain was so severe, I couldn't eat without an increase in muscle spasms and breathing was difficult. I couldn't walk up a flight of stairs or hardly walk to the end of my driveway. My day consisted of 1-4 hours up time, 12 hours flat on the floor to counter pain and 8-10 hours of attempted sleep. I heard of LaserHealth® Solutions from a friend who brought her 75 year old mother and had amazing results, so I decided to try it because the doctor's were completely out of options and suggestions on how to stop my continual physical decline and agonizing pain.

After 4 sessions, I could feel something happening in my back muscles. After 8 sessions, I could actually make it up 1 flight of stairs without 2 hours downtime. I decided to keep coming as this is the only modality that was actually working. I now have pressure/temperature sensations in my mid and upper back area and am working on getting the muscle function and strength back. The physio, muscle stretching, exercises and MOSTLY Laser soft tissue therapy have been close to a near-miracle for me.

I have 100% improvement in function again from almost zero. I've dropped amount of drugs/prescription in half, can read again (not brain fog 100% of time) and can take 1-15 block walks again. I can walk up 2 flights of stairs (so far) without major down time. I've even cooked a few simple meals again (been years since I physically could accomplish this).

I've been impressed with the frequent follow-ups and re-evaluation and the personable and professional quality of service at LaserHealth® Solutions. I'm continuing with treatment at LaserHealth® Solutions but concentrating on my neck area as my back muscles are returning to normal and I'm getting some quality of life again. I hope that maybe in a year or so I can actually return to work and enjoy family life again.