“I injured my back in 1993 while helping a friend move a large desk down a flight of stairs. Since then I've sought treatment from my family doctor, back specialists, massage therapists and chiropractors. While chiropractic provided me with the best relief, the mid to upper area of my back has remained in almost constant pain.

Over a month ago Dr. Rob Skleryk suggested I try Laser Therapy. Now in the world of skeptics I consider myself no slouch, so the notion of lasers blasting away my pain seemed unreal.

I didn't particularly notice any change immediately, but over the week as the three treatments were completed I felt a strange feeling in the affected area of my back. This bizarre sensation was that my back wasn't actually hurting... weird! Maybe it was just numb, I didn't know. Still a skeptic, I went on my merry way and was expecting the pain to return at any moment. Days passed. Then weeks. Some minor stiffness here and there (I spend most of my day sitting) but nothing I would refer to as ”pain”. It's been over 6 weeks now and I'm thinking Dr. Rob's laser actually works!

So, how exactly DOES Laser Therapy work? Well, I could tell you about atoms and particles and really interesting scientific theories but... I'd just be making that stuff up 'cause I really haven't a clue. I just know it worked for me!”

Ben K.
Surrey B.C.