I am a care aid and I got hurt at work. I had a lower back disc problem (L5-S1 disc level). I have seen so many specialists, but no one could help my pain. My pain level started to increase day by day. I have had acupressure therapy, acupuncture therapy, massage therapy and I also took a lot of different pain killers, but nothing worked on me. I was crying from the pain that I was suffering from for more than 2 years. I could not sit down for such a long time, I could not stand for long either, and I couldn't lie down and have a good night sleep because of my back pain. Finally, my friend told me all about Dr. YY. I decided to go and see if she could help me get better. She recommended that I should have laser light therapy, so I tried it and it worked! After I had 5 visits my pain started to decrease, now after my 10th visit my pain has totally gone and I'm returning back to work, and I'm glad that my life is back to normal.

I can do everything that I couldn't do during the back pains

Thank you.

Surjit L.
P.S.: I recommend Dr. YY to everyone who has a problem like mine.