My name is Shylo I am 22 years old, I got into a car accident on March 6th 2010. I was rear-ended while stopped and the guy that hit me was going about 50-60 km per hour.

I am suffering from TMJ, neck, back and, shoulder pain. For the first 6 months I was off work. Walking up stairs, putting on socks, driving, and many other day to day activities could not be done any more. I went to other therapies non-stop for the first year, was not seeing much improvement. It was always short term relief and even though it helped a little bit I was still in extreme pain. Then everything got worse, my hips were really bugging me and my neck back shoulder and jaw were becoming more of a problem. I went to the hospital, multiple doctors, and my dentist, all they would do is give me heavy drugs for pain and to relax the muscles. None of these methods were helping at all. I lost my second job due to my car accident. I couldn't walk around or stand for more then 2 hours. Lifting and bending were nearly impossible.

Then a wonderful lady I worked with told me about LaserHealth® and how it changed her world. I did not believe that it would be much help but she swore by it and I saw stories on the web site that had similar issues as I did. It sounded too good to be true but I was at a dead end with no where to go. I figured I would give it a try.

I went to LaserHealth® for the first time on November 2nd 2011. I was amazed at what Blaine did to me no one else had explained why I was in so much pain and for once it was nice to know what was going on in my body!! The first day I saw him I walked out of there with no pain!! Absolutely none!! It lasted about 4 hours. Everything since that day has been slowly improving. Best results I have ever had I can now walk around with way less pain. Life is getting better with Blaine's help.