I am a 66 year old male expecting my body to perform like that of a much younger person. As a result I have suffered mild discomfort to chronic debilitating lower back pain. Over the many years I have sought professional intervention augmented by applying heat and consuming anti inflammatory medications. These treatments, although helpful, were temporary in nature. The back pain continued dependent upon my physical activity including such minor activities as sitting, sleeping, dressing, etc.

I became aware of Dr. Rob and his Laser Therapy clinic in June 27, made an appointment and received an evaluation beginning treatments in July 27. Although being somewhat of a skeptic I began the first of 10 treatments completing them by the end of July 27. It has been a remarkable transition from other types of treatment and I can honestly say, even though I do not have the same physical dexterity of a 27 year old, my recovery time from over doing it has been greatly reduced. I intend to continue a process of regular and minimal treatment in order to keep my back tuned up ready to take on a variety of daily routines.

If it works for me, perhaps it will work for you. Try it!