LaserHealth® Solutions...What's in a name?

Dr. Rob Skleryk DC, Mark, and Blaine Skleryk
Dr. Rob Skleryk DC, Mark, and Blaine Skleryk

“In the case of LaserHealth® Solutions, the name says it all. After breaking my clavicle, Dr. Rob immediately started treatment on the broken bone. The results were phenomenal and immediate. They reduced my healing time from 6-8 weeks to being ready to play in a mere 5 weeks. What's in a name? LHS was able to “solve” the issues I had with my clavicle and not simply treat the symptoms. The laser helped stimulate bone cell growth and dramatically increased the mending process. In addition, I did not suffer range of motion limitations or scar tissue problems because of the laser treatment. Dr. Rob gave me expert advice not only on my clavicle but helped my general health improve by advising me on diet, exercise and supplement concerns.

The treatment is real. The results are real. The name is true. Go to LHS and expect the Laser treatment to improve your health and present a solution to your pain.”

Mark Washington #23
Defensive Back
BC Lions Football Club