Cole Armstrong
Cole Armstrong

“My name is Cole Armstrong and I‘m a professional baseball player with the Chicago White Sox organization. I was in the fall league playing in Arizona and with about a week left, I took a foul tip off my thumb.There was a lot of pain, however it didn‘t feel like I had broken it. So, what I did was to play through it and kind of did that for the last week of the season. When I got home the pain wasn‘t going down so I went to get an x-ray.It turned out I had a fracture in the tip of the thumb.The doctors in Chicago recommended that I go see an orthopedic surgeon and look at having a pin put in. After talking with a few other people I decided against that.I decided to just let it kind of heal up on its own.My father was talking to Dr. Rob and he mentioned that I had broken my thumb. He suggested I come try the laser.

I‘ve been doing laser now for eight sessions and within about the first week the pain went way down.I‘m at the point now where I basically have no pain.

The things that I really struggled with was when I went to throw the ball. I wasn‘t able to apply pressure to the side of the ball with that thumb which hurt the way I was throwing.This last weekend I picked up the ball and threw it around and it felt like there was no pain or tentativeness. It felt almost back to 100%.

The other thing with hitting was that my left hand would roll over onto the thumb and that was pretty painful; that made it tough.As of right now, I have no pain in my swing at all.

I would highly recommend this to anybody that has any kind of pain.”

Cole Armstrong
Birmingham, farm team for the Chicago White Sox