I was running down the hall in my office and planted and turned on my right foot. I heard a pop and then there was a lot of pain in my big toe joint. A couple of days later there was quite a bit of swelling. I figured that it would go away on it's own so I didn't do anything about it. After that, my toe always felt a little different and my foot was uncomfortable in my shoe. Prior to coming to LaserHealth® Solutions, my toe was becoming more immobile. Running, golfing and some of the shoes that I wore also made it ache and it would keep me awake at night. I went to my doctor and had it x-rayed. The doctor said that it was a bunion and there was some arthritis as well. I had seen the ads and had been to the LaserHealth® Solutions website, so I asked for a referral to LaserHealth® Solutions from my family doctor. Within a couple of treatments the pain decreased and I began to get more mobility in my toe. I had 10 treatments total on my toe, and one month later I have no pain in my toe at all. The treatment worked so well on my toe, I just started treatments for my chronic low back pain.

Leah R.