I was pleasantly surprised and very impressed. I just recently retired from pro football (CFL) and have suffered a variety of injuries over the years through the course of my career. This has given me exposure to a variety of treatment methods (Eastern & Western styles, Modulations and Manual) allowing me to see what methods were most effective for each different type of injury.

After being referred here by someone who had great success with a lower back disc injury. I felt it deserved a serious look. So I watched their CD overview, and researched some information on the internet, finding it to be based on solid science. It is very safe, efficient, and a special bonus… not painful.

My success was with a nagging Achilles/calf muscles strain that was giving me such trouble & pain I had a hard time walking. Within three ½ hour appointments I was playing football (flag) again.

Bottom line, I've tried various treatments with varying degrees of success. Laser worked for me hands down and I wouldn't hesitate to try it for any other injury.

Give it a try, you'll be amazed.

22 Grey Cup Champion

Harvey Stables