“I broke my collar bone last July 4, 2008 while riding my motorcycle. X-ray report showed comminuted fracture of the clavicle. Swelling and pain were present and I had to wear a shoulder sling to help keep my arm immobile. My work involved me to do a lot of lifting and because of my injury they had to re-assign me to an easier workload.

I was going for Laser therapy at the South Clinic for my thumb even before I broke my clavicle. When I came for my treatment for my thumb after the injury, the therapist immediately decided to do Laser as well for my clavicle to help heal it faster. I am a very active person and it was hard for me not being able to do that much activity even for just a few weeks. Just after a week I wasn't wearing my shoulder sling anymore. Swelling and pain have dramatically gone down.After 10 treatments I was back to do my normal activities at work, it was just after a month since the accident.

Today,it's my 14th treatment and I have full range of motion, free of pain and the most important I am back to my normal activities.

I am very thankful to Amphy, Leila and Ashley for helping me.”