My car was sideswiped at an intersection over 2 years ago. I walked away thinking I was fine. Six months later I was playing badminton. The next day I experienced pain in my chest and ribs. I then went through six months of testing to rule out heart and lung problems. Finally, one year after the accident, I was allowed to see a physiotherapist. He told me my back had been injured in the car accident. Three vertebrae were jammed together, preventing my ribs from moving freely, and causing a build up of scar tissue between my ribs (costochondritis).Physiotherapy was successful in treating my back injury, but was unable to address the scar tissue, which I was told would take a long time to go away.

Any movement involving my arms - pushing, pulling, lifting, reaching, stretching - caused pain in my chest and ribs. Even sleeping caused me pain. Sleeping on my chest hurt, rolling over in my sleep hurt. My whole life was changed. I found myself thinking a great deal about things I used to take for granted. Could the vacuuming wait another week? Did I really need to go out if there was ice on the windshield that needed scraping? I dreaded grocery day, pushing the heavy cart and carrying all the bags. I tried to avoid or scale back as much as I could, but life had to go on. And so it went on in pain.

When I saw an ad for LaserHealth® Solutions I suspected they might be able to treat my scar tissue. I was right! After about the third treatment I noticed a decrease in the amount of pain I was experiencing. After more treatments and some rib adjustments, I noticed I didn't have any more pain when I was breathing! (I actually didn't realize I had been having pain when I was breathing until it went away.) I had much less pain with activity. I was starting to feel something I hadn't in a very long time: normal. Laser Therapy has had positive results for me. I would definitely recommend trying it. It is painless and you can notice a difference quite quickly. I am grateful to Blaine and his staff. Thank you for putting me back on my path!