“Hi! My feet have hurt for so long, seems like forever. I have told my family doctor about my discomfort, to no avail. I have been to many chiropractors, who would snap, crackle and pop, to no avail. I have spent a small fortune on orthotics, to no avail. I have many pairs of shoes, hoping to find just the right pair and nothing has taken the pain away. My feet felt like they had been beaten. Simple tasks, such as a grocery shop was a chore. How unfair is it to not even enjoy a mall shop, knowing when I got to one end of the mall I would be dreading the painful walk back. Pain killers got me through the days when my puppies would look at me with their big brown eyes and want to go for a walk.

Then the suggestion of LaserHealth® Solutions came to light. What have I got to lose -- PAIN -- wouldn't that be special? I tell Blaine about my aches and pains and he says quote “There's nothing wrong with your feet”. I didn't know what to think, so I let him do his stuff. He straightened my shoulders and the biggest deal was all in the hips. Hips - the hinge for the whole body. Mine were like a broken door, not doing job for which they were intended. Blain found every painful pressure point and pressed until the pain subsided. I had been walking lopsided for so long, the muscles and nerves in my legs and feet were not at all happy. Blaine found sore areas on my legs that felt like he was pressing on a very sore bruise. This hurt - a lot. So with some painful treatments, exercise, massage and his magic laser lights, I can now walk pain free. I am amazed at this and it still seems odd to do the mall walk painlessly. My husband says “I bolt”. This is good because I have been left out of the race for far too long. I have my life back. I cannot thank everyone at LaserHealth® enough. Thank You.”

Fay R.