I'm 80 years old. I had a left shoulder injury in 1967. Slowly I couldn't raise my arm higher then my shoulder. They called it frozen shoulder I went to a medical professional who told me to get use to it, it would only get worse. In the last 3 years my right shoulder give me some trouble including pain. I always listen to talk radio QR 77 one day I heard an ad about laser treatment. I thought I have nothing to lose so I made an appointment and went for an assessment by Blaine.He recommended 12 treatment for each shoulder.After treatment my right shoulder improved 100%, my 46 year injury shoulder injury improved beyond my expectation and hope. As a bonus my pain is gone. The staff were very kind and helpful. They were genuinely interested to see me improve. They are real professionals.

Thank you LaserHealth® Solutions!

I'm extremely happy with the the result. The staff were wonderful people. I would recommend Laser Solution to anyone who has mobility and pain problem.

The happy camper
Julius S.