George's X-Ray
George's X-Ray

“I fell down the stairs at home and broke my ankle in December '06. I was told to go to physiotherapy by the orthopedic surgeon who performed the operation. I was receiving 3 treatments a week at the physio and was in a lot of pain, in fact the pain got worse with every visit. I noticed the puffiness (swelling) in my ankle wasn't getting any better; in fact the treatments seemed to aggravate my ankle. My wife saw an ad in the local paper for “LaserHealth® Solutions” so I phoned and made an appointment to see Dr. Skleryk who recommended 2 sessions a week. After just one treatment the pain was reduced by half. It was amazing. Forgot to mention I had been using crutches before, and after only 2 or 3 more laser treatments I can now get around with just a walking cane. The pain is completely gone now and the swelling is almost gone.”