I injured my shoulders while struggling to pull my top over my head! Both my left and right shoulders were injured. This occurred in March and as the pain progressed I decided to go to my doctor in June. He did not diagnose it as frozen shoulder and did not examine me. I then went to my chiropractor. He was well exposed to sports injuries and had helped me and my husband in the past. He did not diagnose it as frozen shoulder and recommended heat. My range of motion and pain increased exponentially and by August I returned to my chiropractor's office and saw his colleague. This second chiropractor diagnosed me with frozen shoulder immediately. Aggressive treatments were scheduled twice a week. One treatment was too tightly wrap my right shoulder with a deflated bicycle tire; strangling circulation in order to temporarily slow circulation and then abruptly release the pressure. This was to encourage a burst of circulation. This treatment was accompanied by scraping the shoulder with a metal instrument. My second visit of the week was with his colleague who applied acupuncture. Although some treatments were incredibly painful I gained only minor temporary relief over a 4 week period. They encouraged me to return to my GP and request cortisone shots in both shoulders. My GP refused to do so without an x-ray. The x-ray did not reveal anything. My mobility was so impaired that they could not position my shoulder to get a good image.

My right shoulder became completely frozen and my left one was becoming progressively more painful and limited. I was restricted to performing only necessary daily activities. The pain was persistent throughout such activities as; showering, washing my hair, drying my hair, dressing, driving, computer work, walking (with my arms down), lying down and sleeping. Pain was now a part of every day and night.

While doing errands on a Saturday, as store clerk noted that I was in pain and unprompted, told me she was bed ridden, unable to work for 18 months. She found relief at LaserHealth® Solutions. My husband and I drove to LaserHealth® Solutions immediately in the hopes that they would be open. Susanne and Blaine were just closing up for the day but they stopped everything and listened to my story. They calmly went into action. I received a 2 hour assessment on the spot! I experienced the first moments of relief as Blaine gently worked my shoulder muscles. I had never even heard of Osteopathy and Laser for pain relief 2 hours prior to that.

Blaine and Janet started manipulation and laser treatments twice a week for 5 weeks. The sign above their door said pain relief in 10 treatments - or your 11th is free. I did not need an 11th treatment. I sent my husband to get his back issues addressed. He did not need an 11th treatment either.

Thanks LaserHealth® Solutions, you are true Healers with compassion.