I fell and broke my right hip. I had to have a hip replacement, followed by some physical therapy. For peace of mind, I used a walker to get around. Over time, it put a lot of stress on my left shoulder because I was trying to take the weight off of my hip. As a result, I ended up with a frozen left shoulder, which often kept me awake at night. At the age of 89, one needs all the sleep they can get. I couldn't do much of anything with this arm for over 3 months before I heard that the people from LaserHealth® Solutions did a talk at my manor. I knew a friend of mine that had laser treatments for a neck problem and it was a great help for her. She was very pleased with her results, so I decided to try it for myself. Today I have had MUCH improvement! I am using my left arm a lot more now. I feel I have improved about 95% in just 4 weeks. I am 9 now and very glad I did the treatments.

Reta AB