I like to lead a fairly active lifestyle, working out 3-4 times per week and golfing a couple of games per week. The more active I am the more prone I am to injury. True to form, my golfer's elbow started from golfing. I had this burning pain for about 7 months where I just wasn't having any fun out on the course. I also had a bad case of Achilles Tendonitis that flared up from a lot of hill walking for fitness training about 4 years earlier. This was a real problem because the pain varied from dull ache to sharp stabbing pain every time I stood up from a chair or when I was walking. I was advised by my personal trainer to give Laser Therapy a try (he had treatments for a back problem and it helped him fine). I had 9 treatments for my elbow. I didn't think that the elbow treatment was working right away, but about a week after I ended my elbow treatments, I noticed the pain was gone and I could golf without any dysfunction. With my Achilles Tendonitis, I experienced close to 100% recovery at the end of my 11th treatment. The results have been great! I am back to my active lifestyle without the pain. That was 11 months ago. I recently hurt my shoulder and neck, again from golfing. It had been giving me frequent headaches. Once again this problem is starting to clear up after 6 treatments.

I would like to thank the staff at LaserHealth® Solutions for keeping me happily active.

Margot C. AB.