I play hockey and last year while skating, my ankle gave out on me and I strained my left groin. That same weekend I attended a goalie camp where I was a shooter. The ice there was chopped up and I tripped in a hole and injured it even more. That weekend there was a hockey tournament and I ended up sitting out all of the games except the last one. After that it was good for about a month. Somehow I injured the right groin just before the hockey trip to Anaheim. I did not tell the coach until after the trip because I didn't want to have to sit out. I took that summer off from training and was getting some ART treatments done. When the season started up again it was good until I injured it again. After that I kept re-injuring my groin right after I saw some improvements. My mom told me about LHS and decided to give it a try. After 12 treatments I saw great improvement. I am not favoring my right side and am able to skate without pain!

Kelsey T.