I had tried physio, chiro, massage and acupuncture but nothing kept the pain away for more than 2 weeks. Seeing as though the injury was on my right hand and I am right handed, I noticed how the injury was impacting my everyday life. Nothing seemed to actually heal the injury; it just temporarily made the pain go away. Then I heard about laser and everything changed. I started going to laser 3 times a week because the injury was already 2 years at this point. Since the injury was so severe and so old it took about 4 or 5 treatments before I started to notice a difference. I remember it very well though. One day I was eating cereal and realized that my hand did not hurt when I brought my hand to my mouth. It's been uphill from there! I strongly believe in laser - it has allowed me to do certain activities pain free, activities that I used to have to push though because of the pain. I have now gotten back almost all of the range of motion that I lost due to the injury. I have family members who have also received laser treatment and found the same results. For most everyone I know who has tried Laser Therapy agrees that it is the only method of treatment that has permanently helped. I have many years ahead of me and I am very excited to know that those years will be pain free! I am no longer restricted to what I can do because of an old injury! I highly recommend laser to anyone for an injury!