Laser… Wow! Who would have thought it could change my life? I have arthritis and general degeneration of both knees. When I went to LaserHealth® Solutions for my initial consultation, I was in a wheel chair with braces on both knees and canes to get from my wheel chair to a bed or other chair. I was in serious need of help! Blaine recommended 2-25 treatments of 45 minutes for each knee. I had my first treatment that day. Two days later I came in for my second treatment on crutches with knee braces; what an improvement! For my third treatment 3 days later I actually walked in! No braces, no crutches and definitely no wheel chair! From that day forward I have not looked back; it has been 2 months and 2 treatments since my first visit and I am back to walking 4 kilometers a day and working out to build up strength in my legs again. Thank You Laser Solutions; you gave me my life back.

Michele H.