I had knee pain for 3 months before coming to LaserHealth® Solutions. It started when I was exercising using my X-box Kinect game. It had a combination of jumping, running and boxing. Lots of activity on my left knee caused it to get sore to the point that I felt it was going to buckle. I had to stop doing the track and field exercises on the game.

My knee was very sore and kept me awake at night. I had to go up the stairs one foot at a time. My husband had been to LaserHealth® Solutions before for his golfer's elbow and it was fixed so I decided to go especially since I was getting ready for golfing season.

When Blaine assessed me he noticed that my pelvis was out of alignment possibly from working on my feet all day for 16 years in my gift basket business. He also found that my gracilis muscle was strained and affecting my knee. I then started Laser Therapy at the clinic and doing the recommended stretches at home. After 6 treatments, I was about 50% better and was able to golf 7 games over a week and a half. I was able to swing the golf club with no problem but I was sore going up and down hills. My knee would throb but settle down after rest. On flat golf courses I had no trouble. Now that I am back from my golf vacation, I will continue treatments. I am able to cross my legs, lift my leg to put pants on and get in and out of my vehicle without pain. My pelvis has also remained straight after the onsen manual techniques and my stretching at home.

I am looking forward to continuing my rapid progress - and the opening of the Calgary golf season!!