I've had a history of sciatica for about 3-35 years. In that time I was an active farmer's wife. I have 7 children and have carried some extra weight that I have battled over the years. Over the past 10 years my knees have been progressively getting worse. The left knee was my problem knee first and the doctors said worn out and full of osteoarthritis. After the left knee gave me issues, my right knee quickly declined. In a matter of 2 years it progressed to doctors recommending knee replacement. I have been on the waiting list and in that system for 2 years. In December 211 I had my final assessment before my scheduled surgery. I was flagged and told I couldn't have the surgery due to other health issues.

In the beginning of January my daughter spoke to her friend in Calgary who told her all about the treatments she received here at the LaserHealth® Solutions clinic. She did some research and spoke at length with Suzanne. My daughter talked me into trying the treatments here. I have had 4 treatments so far and 2 more scheduled before I return home. When I first arrived I was extremely stiff and in need of pain management. Stairs were an issue and I dreaded them. I felt like my knees would give out. It was so painful going up and down even inclines hurt. I avoided them. My knees were extremely swollen with inflammation and the pain was constant. I was very stiff with poor mobility and constant pain I was against drug therapy so I wanted to do something that had no negative side effects.

After the first treatment with the combined laser and Onsen therapy, the pain was greatly reduced. After the second treatment I was about to walk up and down the stairs again.

By the time I had completed my fourth treatment I had much less pain, was more flexible and able to pick up my feet when I walk. I can sleep better without pain all night. I have been able to walk again and now standing in one spot doesn't give me so much pain and I can stand longer periods. Instead of using my chair arms to lift myself up I can stand up again. In just over 1 days here my inflammation is greatly reduced I have regained my mobility and found pain management. I will continue my 1 recommended treatments and continue for maintenance so I keep the pain and inflammation under control.

Shirley W.