I was heading out to take my dog for a walk and didn't notice the ice on the steps. Well, if I didn't I slip andfall right on my derrière. I was hurt physically as was as my pride.

I saw Blaine about 3 years ago for almost the same kind of injury and got better. I kept thinking about going to see him…but then thought I just need time to heal and things will eventually get better. There was pain when I was walking as the pain was shooting down my right leg, I couldn't sit for long, couldn't stand either. Even driving my vehicle was painful as my right leg hurt to reach the gas pedal. It was either walking slowly or laying down. I was in so much pain I was nauseous. I waited about 3 weeks and could no longer stand the pain, so I made an appointment with LaserHealth®.

The morning before I went to see Blaine I couldn't stand, could only sit on the edge of a chair with my elbows on my knees and back bent down. I thought I was going to die it hurt so much. That morning when I was examined by him, he said that when I fell I moved by tailbone and he needed to move it back to the way it was. I was quite nervous as knew this may hurt. Once it had been turned/moved back, I stood up and what a huge difference in the pain…in fact there was none in my back, it was instant relief. My leg was still sore, but I could stand tall without back pain. I was very surprised by this as the last time I went, it did take a few visits to get me better. Once Blaine had loosened and stretched some muscles and joints, the pain in my leg was almost better. I got in my vehicle and had no pain stepping on the gas pedal.

I would recommend LaserHealth® Therapy to anyone with back/leg pain. It works!! I did go to another practitioner near where I worked and he did some “reflexology” but that was only short term whereas when Blaine helped me the pain did not come back at all.