“I twisted my right foot, dislocating my ankle and severing the ligaments. My surgeon re-attached the ligaments and put a cast on my leg. He told me that I could expect to regain about 50% of previous maneuverability.

I was in a cast for seven weeks. When it was removed, my foot was swollen and I was in constant pain. My ankle felt as if it had been glued into place, unable to move in any direction although I was able to wiggle my toes.

After a week of steady pain, I started laser treatments. The first treatment considerably lessened the swelling, which in turn helped eliminate the incessant throbbing. Three subsequent treatments further reduced the swelling.

With continued Laser Therapy, I noticed substantial improvement. I started to move my foot up and down and the pain was steadily decreasing. The next couple of weeks saw a major improvement in the range of movements I was able to do. I began walking up and down stairs using alternate feet, I had sideways movement in my ankle, the swelling was decreasing and the scar from the surgery was rapidly fading.

To date I have had sixteen treatments. The scar on my foot is barely visible, the pain has just about disappeared, and I have recovered about 90% maneuverability.

I recommend this treatment to anyone with an injury.”