My name is C.G. I was 15 when I started at Laser Health Clinic, I had been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia at The Childrens Hospital, their idea of help was sending me to a therapist to learn how to deal with the pain and no other solutions this was after I had being seeing the Dr. weekly for over a year.

The Dr's had put me on steroids, painkillers, sleeping pills and muscle relaxants to help deal with the pain. I went from being an active 13 year old who danced, was on the volleyball team and the track team, to the teen who laid in bed for hours on end and missed school due to the pain and the inability to sleep. I missed school, hanging out with my friends in general just doing teen things, but I really missed dancing and volleyball. I just hurt too much to do anything other than lay around and that didn't even help.

My parents had taken me to Phoenix to see a homeopathic Dr, I had already seen one in Calgary and that didn't help, we were also planning another trip to Palm Springs to a clinic to see if they could help at all. My mom researched different clinics all over to see if someone could help and it was a chance meeting that my step dad ran into Blaine at a social event. They got talking and he came home excited for me to try it and we immediately started seeing Blaine I was in 3 times a week and getting better each day, I wasn't great about rolling my muscles all the time but I did it. It didn't take any more than 10 sessions and I was feeling a lot better, it has just been over a year and I am still feeling better.

The most important thing is I am now an active teen who this summer was back wake boarding and doing all the teen stuff a 17 year old should be doing. If I start feeling a little sore I break out the rolling pin, rolling my muscles versus being on painkiller is so much better.

I had a container of braces, tensor banadages and medications that I haven't looked in a year, now my mom is at the clinic getting treatment.