Dear Blaine,

I am pleased to update you of the long term success your treatment has had on my lower back and leg pain.I have now been pain free for over two years.I also walk upright with ease and sleep through the night without pain.

Previous to your assessment and treatment I had a few years of spinal injections that worked about 50% of the time.The MRI results had described my back as being in a degenerative state.Even though the MRI was an accurate description, you identified the cause of my 8 to 10 level of pain and treated me successfully by also over-coming stubborn inflammation through cold laser therapy.

By the completion of treatment, you had taught me how to maintain my new back health through stretch exercise.

Blaine, before I heard of your clinic I was resigned to managing my daily pain.What a gift to be pain free thanks to your skill of assessment and treatment.

When my family physician asks about the state of my back, he is impressed when I respond that I am still at 100%.

I am grateful to tell my story when the opportunity is there so that others may experience your treatment and recovery.As a patient it is encouraging to witness the personal attention and fresh evaluation that your clinic offers.

I will remain diligent with my stretch exercises.

Duane K.

Update May 9, 213

Your treatments renewed my back again.The tennis ball was a perfect solution for the first three days of travel.Beyond that and for the next five weeks, there was no sign of any leg pain.Thanks again for assessing a tricky problem that you effectively solved.I am totally healthy, ready for gardening and grandkids!It may be a while before I see you again.Have a great summer!