In July 28 I was diagnosed with two bulged discs after suffering for six months with terrible lower back pain. I was unable to work or walk and I was in a lot of pain. I had two (cortisone) injections which didn't seem to help, nor did Chiropractic, Acupuncture, IMS, traction beds, or Physiotherapy. I was using a walker to get around and needed a wheelchair to go anywhere with my children.

I heard about laser from a friend and as with everything else decided to give it a try. If was difficult to get myself to the clinic, but was pleased that they could help me (to position me) while being on my side for comfort.

I can honestly say that after 6 visits, I was moving better and in less pain. By visit 15, I was completely without pain and walking without assistance. I was and am still amazed with these awesome results.

If only I had known about Laser at the beginning of my injury, I wouldn't have suffered and missed out on a year of my life. I will be forever grateful.