I am not a sports hero, nor am I a political giant, rather just a regular person, doing regular chores, around the house. I am person who had an unfortunate incident one afternoon with a ladder and … gravity.

I had not heard of Laser treatments before this, but after this experience, I am a believer. After my accident, I had a hard time standing upright because for pain in my lower back, as well as the inability to raise my arm above my shoulder. Dr. Rob treated my back and shoulder for a few sessions and most of the pain was gone and the best part, I was standing upright.

It was several days from my fall until I saw Dr. Rob, thinking the pain would go away but as all the LHS literature says, Why live with pain. The pain is now gone in my back and my shoulder is very close as well. Dr. Rob has made me a believer.

The LaserHealth® Solutions therapy is based on sound scientific principles, the literature is easy to read and understand and the staff, are great. Now the regular person is back to doing regular chores, but most importantly, back to regular fun with my family.

Andrew D. (regular guy)