Christos P.
Christos P.

“I came in with lower back pain that had been present off and on since a lifting accident about 30 years ago.Two weeks before treatment, the pain was really bothersome.So bad that I had to resort to muscle relaxants and pain medication.Blaine told me that it was most likely a scar tissue problem because my pain tended to be worse in the morning and better at night.I tried exercise programs with little success in relieving the pain.When I came to the clinic, my pain and dysfunction levels were between 1 and 7 out of 10, depending on the time of day.Now, I do not take any muscle relaxants or pain medication, and my pain and dysfunction levels are both zero.

I am happy with my treatments and I am going to Greece with no back pain for the summer!

Thank you LaserHealth® Solutions”

Christos P.