Cameron P.
Cameron P.

“As a management consultant I do a lot of computer related work including extensive time preparing presentations to communicate Business and IT Solutions to my clients and for business development purposes.

Ironically, to avoid a carpal tunnel wrist injury my ”ergonomic position” resulted in a chronic shoulder injury. At times I could hardly lift my right arm without significant pain. I sought medical advice and it came in the form of x-rays, medicated lotions, extensive physiotherapy and steroid injections. After three years it became manageable but never disappeared off my ”pain radar screen”.

My personal wake up call came after I semi-retired with my new found youth and decided to do 2 days of landscaping around the yard. Big mistake! My neck was injured from lifting sod and I felt my head was going to fall off!

Living with a shoulder injury is one thing but the prospect of living with a neck injury was a real wake up call for me! It was no different than if I had had a heart attack!

I got medical advice in the form of a neck x-ray which showed minor joint deterioration in two joints. I left the doctors office dejected with advice to take Tylenol for Arthritis Pain!

It was at this time, I decided to chart a new course for my soft tissue injuries with therapy at LaserHealth® Solutions. It started with an assessment and a recommended plan to undergo 12 therapy sessions covering both my neck and shoulder. The large number of treatments was based on the chronic nature of the neck injury and the nerve linkage with my injured shoulder.

The frequency of my 45 minute therapy sessions included:

There was a noticeable improvement in my shoulder in the first week and a real breakthrough on my neck pain on the 9th treatment. It gave me the confidence to schedule a week‘s holiday at the Mayan Riviera in Mexico. It was the 12th treatment that left me with no lingering fears of not being able to sustain my new healthy state. So I am off snorkeling!

I have no doubts that I will be back for ”tune-up” treatments over time as further joint deterioration is a reality with natural aging. But I know I have a team of professionals at LaserHealth® Solutions working in my best interests and capable of responding to my long term soft tissue and pain health needs!

I would like to thank Blaine, Cheryl, Janet and Suzanne for their skills and motivation to get me back on the course to recovery!

Cameron P.