Karen W.
Karen W.

“I have lived with pain in my neck for many years. It all started after a whiplash accident and I have tried every treatment known to man.To wear a shirt with a collar caused me pain, never mind wearing a necklace.I kept saying if only they could make my neck and shoulders feel looser, I am sure the pain would stop.Well that is exactly what the laser treatments did.They got rid of the inflammation and my neck and shoulders became softer to the touch.The pain that kept me from getting a good night sleep is gone and I have never felt so well in a very long time.

As a bonus to me, I also ask for laser treatments on my foot.Over a year ago I fell and torn the tendons in my instep.It was soooooooooooooo painful I could hardly stand to wear a shoe.It really hinder my life, as my husband and I love to go for long walks.Well I can hardly believe how good life is again.After just one or two treatments I could feel the pain lessen.Now after finishing the treatment I can wear any shoe and we can resume our morning walks.

Life is good.”

Karen W.