Eunice C.
Eunice C.

“I had so much pain on the left side of my neck that I could hardly turn to check traffic on that side while driving, and it was really a great concern for road safety. My shoulders

were both painful at the joints when I would lift my arms up and I couldn't sleep or lay on my sides because it would only cause more pain.

For years, I had been going once or twice a week to the physio and massage therapists to try and alleviate the pain so that I could get some mobility in my neck and shoulders area. The type of work I do (computer drafting) doesn't help either even though I try to get up and move around at least every hour or so.

Having reached the end of my ability to tolerate the pain and concerned because I drive at least 150 kilometers a day to and from work, I decided to try the laser treatments. I kept hearing about it over the News 1130 radio station on my way to work every morning.

After the first treatment, I noticed a remarked difference in that the pain in my neck wasn't as bad and I could begin to move my head without flinching. After the 5th or 6th treatment, the pain in my left shoulder had dissipated to almost nothing and I had much more mobility. I then asked that the treatment be switched to my right shoulder and again within a few more treatments I now have mobility in both shoulders. I can raise my hands above my head to reach for things. My neck has greatly improved - I no longer have to stop and think before I look to the left while driving, which tells me that the change has been subtle but it is happening.

I have been telling my friends and family that if they have long-term pain and have tried everything else, they have nothing more to lose and much more to gain if they go for the laser treatments.

Now that my neck and shoulders are taken care of, I am going on to have my left hand and lower back treated. I look forward to more pain free days and have stopped carrying the Advil and Tylenol pills in my purse. My thanks to Dr. Rob and his assistant for their perseverance and tenacity with their treatments and I am looking forward to a pain-free lifestyle”.

Eunice C.