Hello, my name is Ken, I had been suffering with back pain due to an industrial accident that happened to me. I was working as a mechanic and standing underneath a car on a hoist, when the hoist collapsed the car crashed to the ground the impact knocked me out from under the hoist and car. But what happened was the impact tore the ligaments off the right side of my spine of three vertebra's. The doctors fused my spine together with two rods and screws to keep it secure. The challenge was that part doesn't move so above and below moves a lot and was constant pain. I was constantly going for massage to break down the amazing amount of scar tissue.

I heard an ad on QR77 and decided, Why not, it's covered.. I was doubtful and skeptical that a laser would help my situation out. I went for the consultation and treatment, I honestly thought I am glad someone else is paying for it. When it was over I had the same feeling of relief as after I went for a massage, I thought the pain will be back like always in about a month, two months after I thought wow I am still feeling great and it has been 2 years and no pain.

I was recently in a car accident and my first thoughts were, I have to get to LaserHealth®.

Thank you for all that you guys do, sorry I was skeptical.

Please open an office in Edmonton!

Ken P.