One year ago I was participating in a training clinic for the Vancouver Sun run. A few months into the program, I noticed an old familiar pain in the middle of my foot. It was plantar fasciitis. The year before, I had a terrible time with the pain in my foot. After taking it easy on my feet, I still suffered for approximately 6 or 7 months with regular foot scraping treatments. I met Dr. Rob and Dr. YY at the Sun Run clinic. They were our coaches and they also happened to be chiropractors involved in Laser Therapy. I came to their practice and engaged in some laser treatments. Within a few sessions my foot was the only part of me that didn't hurt. The foot pain was gone so fast.

I highly recommend these treatments for foot pain. In my experience with the Laser Therapy, I would not hesitate to recommend it to anyone with any kind of injury.

Myrna F.