Rotator Cuff Injury: Partial tear of the supraspinatus tendon with myofascial pain syndrome of the infraspinatus and supraspinatus.

Rory F.
Rory F.

“I'm a self employed heavy duty mechanic.The work I do includes a lot of heavy lifting and pulling.My shoulder pain started close to 2 years ago.I was in pretty much constant pain.Even driving was painful.And I was missing out on sleep – there was no comfortable position.An ultrasound in November of 2010 showed a partial tear in one of my rotator cuff tendons.The doctors were recommending surgery and advised me that it would take three months to be able to work afterwards.Three months without my income was just not acceptable!I was seriously thinking that I'd have to find a new career.After years of building my business, the thought of starting out at the bottom somewhere, in something new, was really discouraging.But I couldn't keep going on like I was.

I went to LaserHealth® Solutions hoping this would be the answer for my injury.And after just 4 treatments, I started seeing results.The first thing I noticed was that I was getting more sleep.What a relief!And I only needed 9 treatments in total.I know I won't need to find another career.I'm back to working full days again – 12 to 16 hours most days.I can take any jobs offered to me now, instead of picking and choosing due to the limitations I had with my shoulder.And I'm not living with that constant pain anymore.I'm so happy I gave this a try.”

Rory F.