I have been active all my life. I was fond of wrestling, rugby and football in my younger years. Now at age 74, I enjoy golf and handball regularly. I hurt my right shoulder in a silly accident on the golf course. I was sitting in a golf cart reaching back to grab my golf bag (to lazy to get out to get it) and the cart jerked forward putting severe strain on my shoulder. Over a period of a few months the pain got worse, and I had difficulty combing my hair, or raising my right arm above my head. The Dr. sent me for an x-ray but it showed nothing. I was referred to see a surgeon who asked me to get an MRI. It showed a tear in my rotator cuff. He said he could operate but the rehab process would have my arm in a sling for more that 6 weeks. I need to stay active, so I decided to look for an alternative to surgery. I heard about LaserHealth® Solutions on the radio and thought I should try to see what the laser could do for me. I have had 12 treatments now and am about 70% better. I will continue to do the shoulder exercises they gave me and see if it will clear up on its' own over the next few weeks. If it stays sore I will go back for more treatments.

This has been a real help so far.

Roman S.