Jannet E
Jannet E

“I have always been a physically active person involved in sports such as gymnastics, track & field, and basketball.In my youth, and with the onset of age, took up yoga, aerobics and walking my dog.Yoga four times a week at lunch hour!Imagine my surprise when I woke one morning in August 2005, unable to move my arms without severe pain.I literally had to roll out of my bed as I could not put any pressure on my arms.I was wakened out of sleep by throbbing shoulder pain and freezing then hot sensations on my upper arm.I tried several months of massage and acupuncture, which gave me some relief, temporarily.I was very frustrated with this ”interference” of my enjoyment of life as I now had an active toddler grandson and as much as I wanted to lift him and play, I was afraid my arms would give out and and I would drop him.I saw the ad in the local paper saying ”You don't have to live with pain!”, Low Intensity Treatment could help.What a difference!It was explained that AC Degeneration is normal age wear and tear and it's had 57 years to get that way.Knowing my limitations, working with Dr. Rob & the LaserHealth® Solutions staff with physio has strengthened my shoulders and let me enjoy my life activities again.”

Jannet E.