After suffering sciatica for 9 months in my left buttock, I tried to have this pain relieved. My first step was medication from the doctor who said there was no cure for this problem. He suggested I take Tylenol. I tried acupuncture (no luck), massage therapy and physiotherapy. Finally after severe, unbearable pain the doctor gave me Gabapentin medication (pills) and these helped, but put me to sleep. My husband heard about LaserHealth® Solutions on the radio and with some doubt I went for the laser because I couldn't stand the pain anymore. After 3 sessions I did feel a difference. Now I have had 11 sessions and it's wonderful to be able to have pain relief. I can go back to work and enjoy the activities I once loved. I will continue to use this therapy for as long as necessary or when necessary. I'm glad I found relief.

Maureen K.